IARS-IRJ Prime Reviewers

Prof. (Dr.) (COL) Orien Tulp ( PHD, MD, FACN, CNS )
University of Science, Arts and Technology - USA 
Research Interests: Healthcare; Executive Leadership; Project Management; Entrepreneur; International Education

Prof. (Dr.) A. Achar ( PHD )
Director, Sahyadri college of Engineering and Management - India 
Research Interests: Human Resource Management, Market Research, Organizational Behavior

Prof. (Dr.) Atefe Ahmadi ( PHD )
Kharazmi University of Tehran - Iran 
Research Interests: Urban & Rural planning; GIS; Land Use Planning; Sustainability; ArcGIS; Regional Development

Prof. (Dr.) Avadhesh Kumar ( PHD )
Dean and Chief Proctor, Galgotias University - India 
Research Interests: Fuzzy Logic, Aspect Oriented Software Engineering, Data Structure

Prof. (Dr.) D. Jain ( PHD, MBA, MTech, BTech )
Chartered Instituted of Leadership - United Kingdom 
Research Interests: Software Engineering; Software project Management; International Education; Survey & Analysis; Statistics; Data Analysis; High Maturity Practices; Digital VLSI; Electronics; Communication Technologies.

Prof. (Dr.) Fatih Mehmet Botsali ( PHD, MEngg, BEngg )
Selcuk University, Konya - Turkey 
Research Interests: Machine Design; Mechanical Vibrations; Dynamics of Mach; Mechatronics; Robotics; Artificial Intelligence; Textile Mach.; Image Processing; Automatic Control; Total Quality Management; Quality Management; Environmental Management; OHSAS; Standardization; Instrumentation; Calibration

Prof. (Dr.) Hellen (Agnes) Amunga ( PHD, MEd, BEd )
Kenyatta University - Kenya 
Research Interests: Library Sciences; Information Ethics; Information Science; Literature; Information Literacy; Qualitative Research; Knowledge Management

Prof. (Dr.) Kaanaeli Kaale ( PHD, MA, BA )
"Chairperson, Tanzania Media and Youth Development Association (TAMEYODA)" - Tanzania 
Research Interests: Journalism; Press & Media; Publication; Media Production & Communication; Editorial Management; Strategic Planning; Media Relationship Management

Prof. (Dr.) Ken Rabac ( PHD )
Amity College - Florida - USA 
Research Interests: Participatory Research; Education; Music; Clinical Research; Counselling

Prof. (Dr.) Kuang Ching Hei ( PHD, MA, EDC )
University of Malaya - Malaysia 
Research Interests: Applied Discourse Analysis; Bilingual Language Acquisition; Second Language Acquisition; Intercultural Communication; Academic Writing; Public Speaking; Sociolinguistics; codeswitching; Counselling;Social Psychology; Applied Linguistics; Language Teaching; Pragmatics

Prof. (Dr.) Maya David Nee Khemlani ( PHD, MPA, BA )
University of Malaya - Malaysia 
Research Interests: Linguistics; English Language; Cross Culture Communication; Discourse Analysis; English for Specific Purposes; Language Maintenance; Language Shift

Prof. (Dr.) Md. Barghi Latran ( PHD )
Çukurova University, Balcalı-Sarıçam/Adana - Turkey 
Research Interests: Electrical Engineering, Heavy Machines

Prof. (Dr.) Neha Goel ( PHD, MCA, NET )
Vivekanand Institute of Professional Studies - India 
Research Interests: Compuetr Science, Digital Electronics, eCommerce

Prof. (Dr.) Parag Arun Narkhede ( PHD )
KCES’s Institute of Management & Research - India 
Research Interests: Human Resource Management, General Management, Business Management

Prof. (Dr.) R. D. Shailima Vardhini ( PHD )
Swami Vivekananda Degree College - India 
Research Interests: Clinical Biochemistry, Microbiology, Bioinformatics

Prof. (Dr.) R. SRITHARAN ( PHD )
Annamalai University - India 
Research Interests: Business Management

Prof. (Dr.) Satasuryaa Sharma ( PHD, MPHIL )
Chairman, National School of Leadership - India 
Research Interests: Leadership; International Education; Academic Affairs; Management

Prof. (Dr.) Smita Gupta ( PHD )
Professor, Indra Gandhi National Open University - India 
Research Interests: Psychology

Prof. (Dr.) Sweet Dabas ( PHD, MCA, BCA )
Academy of International Sceince and Research - United Kingdom 
Research Interests: eCommerce; Web Technologies; Digital Electronics; Computer Science

Prof. (Dr.) Uday Tate ( PHD, MBA, MS )
Marshall University - USA 
Research Interests: Marketing Management & Research; Statistical Analysis; Hierarchical Linear Modeling; Segmentation Analysis; AACSB Standards and Procedure

Prof. (Dr.) Urvashi Makkar ( PHD, MBA, PGDCA )
Director General, G.L.Bajaj Institute of Management and Research (GLBIMR) - India 
Research Interests: Consumer Behaviour; Advertising & Sales; Promotion Management; Customer Relationship Management; Retail Management; Organizational Behavior; Sales Management

Prof. (Dr.) Tony Brown ( PHD, MD, FACN, CNS )
Alumnus, Harvard University; Director, Albert Einstein Digital Brain Repository, Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation -USA 
Research Interests: Public Speaking; Higher Education; Healthcare; Staff Development; Coaching; Public Health; Education; Team Building; Executive Leadership; Project Management; Entrepreneurship