I'IRJ Vol-2, No.1, 2012 Published

IARS International Research Journal

Vol-2, No.1, 2012

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S. No. Title/Author Abstract/Keywords
1. Preface This section contains the general information about the current volume of the journal viz. message from editor, brief introduction about authors of content in current volume, testimonial and motivational messages received by editor, and other covering/packaging content of the journal.
2. Notions of Identities in the Eyes of Malaysian Children

M. Khemlani David,
W. Yee Mei Tien
Abstract: After 50 years of independence recently there has been much discussion on national unity and integration in multilingual and multiracial Malaysia. Unfortunately, although we have just celebrated our 53rd year of independence, the young especially are still separated by race and religion. The existence of Chinese and Indian medium schools alongside national schools at the primary level creates a situation in which students attending these separate type of schools would have little chances of interacting with each other. For example, Chinese students who largely attend Chinese medium schools (SJKC) would not have much chance to mingle with Malay and Indian students until they reached secondary school.

Keywords: Regional Ethnic, Community Behavior, Social Science
3. Study to Assess Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Self Care Among Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis in Selected Hospital of Punjab, India

B. Shukla,
A. Kaur
Abstract: Self-care is the performance or practice of activities that individuals initiate and perform to maintain life, health, and well being. Hemodialysis patients must be able to perform self-care tasks in order to prevent complications and live life productively. A descriptive study to assess knowledge and attitude regarding self care among patients undergoing Hemodialysis in selected hospital, Punjab was done. The study was conducted on the patients from the dialysis unit of the Patel Hospital, Jalandhar, Punjab immediately above the abstract; it sets the footnote at the bottom of this column.

Keywords:Hemodialysis, Knowledge, Attitude, Self-Care
4. Significance and Future Prospects of Textile Exports in Indian Economy

N. Gera

Abstract: Textile exports forms a significant role in Indian economy in terms of generating employment and earning foreign exchange. Developing economies like India have made transformational changes in Industry in technological ways through various innovative measures from low technology level to a producer of high technology products. The Indian textile industry is also highly diversified and is gradually moving to branded segments. The role of Government in the Industry cannot be underestimated and has given impetus to the Industry especially after removal of quota system MFA in year 2004. The research paper intends to understand the significant role of textile Industry, its share in total exports and future prospects.
Keywords - Textile Exports, Textile Industry, Textile Board, Textile policy, MFA, Global Textile
5. Insider Threats: Risk to Organization 

A. Rana,
U. Nigam,
D. Jain 
Abstract: Information security is an essential component and assets for any organization, whether it is commercial government or proprietary business. Report after report keeps pointing to the “insider threat” as one of the greatest information security risks within the modern organization. But what exactly is the insider threat and how we can help reduce this risk? This paper analyzes the importance of information security, benefits of it and how the information can be protected by the various threats which are inside the organization, and may leads to information loss. The aim of this paper is to allow businesses, administrators, developers and designers to produce and provide with some methods or techniques to secure such information so that the risk associated with the information loss can be minimized. In this paper we will break down the various attributes of the insider threat, and suggest some methods have been suggested which can help an organization to secure the sensitive and crucial information.
Keywords - Information Security, Data Security Threats, Information Security Risks
6. Implementation of ISMS and its Practical Shortcomings

A. Kakkar,
R. Punhani
Abstract: Information security has been a global issue and challenge from many years. Protection of vital information of the organization has always been a huge challenge for all as millions of intruders put continuous efforts to get access to this information. The information whether stored in physical form on papers or in electronic form in computers, is the most critical element of any successful business and its high values make it the focused target of intruders. Organizational data face threats from external as well as internal factors of the organizations and there is no surprise that organizations implement security measures for their data assets in their premises and networks. Companies spend huge efforts, time, and money on the security of their crucial data and make best possible efforts to keep their data confidential and private yet face losses at many places due to limitations of their security systems. This white paper highlights some most common practical shortcomings in the security systems of the companies.