I'IRJ Editorial Directors

Dr. Kaanaeli Kaale

Editorial Director

Kaanaeli Kaale (Ph.D., MA, BA)
St. Augustine University of Tanzania (SAUT)

Research Specialization: Journalism, Press & Media, Publication, Media Production & Communication, Editorial Management, Strategic Planning, Media Relationship Management

 Transformational Roles

-Chief Editor, Mwanamke (Women) Newspaper
-Senior Feature Writer, Mwananchi Newspaper
-Senior Journalist, Tanzania Standard Newspapers
-Chairperson of Advisory Board, Royal College of Journalism 


Chief Editorial Officers

Prof. Tony Brown; Harvard University

Editor in Chief

Dr. Tony Brown (Ph.D.)
Harvard University

Research Specialization: Neurology, Imaging, Cognition, Consciousness, Therapeutics, Healthcare, Medicare

Transformational Roles

-Director, Albert Einstein Digital Brain Repository, Global Neuroscience Initiative Foundation
-Investigator, Einstein Medical Institute
-Science Editor, Philadelphia Review of Books
-Reviewer, DynaMed, Physician's Clinical Reference
-Famous columnist, writer, editor, educator, consultant, and researcher named among top scientists on earth in Medical Researches

Prof. Maya David Khemlani; University of Malaya

Chief Managing Editor

Prof. (Dr.) M. David Khemlani (Ph.d., M.P.A., B.A.)
University of Malaya

Research Specialization: Cross Cultural Behavior, Bilingual Acquisition, Intercultural Communication, Sociolinguistics, codeswitching, Counselling and Psychology

Transformational Roles

-Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic & International) University of Malaya 
-International Speaker at Linguapax (2011) 
-Honorary Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, United Kingdom 
-Author of many books, research papers, and sections of international repute